Quality Levels

The wines of the Winzervereinigung Freyburg-Unstrut are divided into four different quality levels. They are based on the origin of the wines and the maturation process in the cellar. Levels are marked and distinguished with four clear colours on both the top of the bottle and the label. Additionally, the pattern in the upper part of the label provides information about the size of the area that the wine comes from.

Kellermeister Edition

This limited edition is carefully matured by our winemakers in barrique barrels.

Single-Site Wines

Spätlese wines that accentuate the unique bouquets of our single sites.

Bereich Schloss Neuenburg

Fresh and delicate, these Spätlese wines exhibit the unmistakable character of their place of origin.

German Quality Wines

Our basic wines are fruity and uncomplicated, offering great drinking pleasure.