Romanesque Road + Wine Trails
Freyburger Schlifterberg

Freyburger Schlifterberg

Where the Saale and Unstrut come together, an ancient European cultural land­scape is joined by the age-old handcraft of wine­making. The two rivers, lending their names and character to a landscape marked by gentle hills and slopes, flow past mediaeval castles and fortresses before merging naturally into each other.

Freyburger Stadtkirche St. Marien

Freyburg on the Unstrut is situated not far from the legendary Landesschule Pforta, where great minds such as Nietzsche, Klopstock and Fichte spent their youth.
The region is a distinct climatic island in Central Germany and an ideal point of departure for exploring history and winegrowing. The wine route of Saale-Unstrut meanders thematically through a region that connects traces of
Romanesque architecture with the enlightening romantic spirit.

Herzoglicher Weinberg with Neuenburg Castle